The Aim

Digital declutter to cut down number of pages from 200+ to 80 & streamline content without losing important info or SEO ranking.

Inspired by the Scottish Highlands

Integrated within Glen’s brand team, we worked collaboratively towards achieving the end aesthetic. We did this by merging atmospheric photography, colours inspired by the Scottish highlands and watercolour illustrations that give extra character.

Attention to Detail

Inspired by the hotel’s interiors, the layered design and UI components add depth and a tactile feeling to the site and serve as an extension of the guest experience. Smaller but significant details like micro animations, illustrations and flourishes bring unexpected moments of surprise and delight.

Embracing the History of Gleneagles

Gleneagles very much wanted to emphasise their historical story and give it some prominence, so we designed this page to be a little different than the others.

On mobile, the page would scroll vertically to match user patterns and on desktop it would adapt to be horizontal, where there is more visual space to be creative. The page would make use of Glen’s bespoke watercolour illustrations and showcase the archival content of Glen’s long history making for a richer experience.


Feed Agency

Florence Obert Project Manager

Nathan Jackson UX Designer

Silvana Yaneva Lead Designer

Tamsin Jones Designer

Junaid Ansar Motion Designer (Support)

Developer Team Build & QA


Chris Lewis Product Owner

Leo Plaster Project Manager

Corinna Drossel Creative Director

Lena Wallacher Senior Designer

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Other Projects ↴ 

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©Copyright 2021

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