Approach & Role

We created a strategy for campaigns that utilised user data to produce a content rich, fun and holistic experience that showcased the Virgin Active brand. My primary role, working with a small team of senior designers was creating a modular structure for the website, allowing Virgin Active to update content using a content management system whilst ensuring engagement was kept to a maximum.


The Website

Using modules we designed a system that allowed for flexible content control in order to provide the most tailored experience possible. The look and feel of the website would change depending on your membership type, which club you belong to and what content was most relevant to you based on data. 

Simplified CMS

We cleaned up the UI for the backend dashboard by creating tiles that housed relevant analytics, simple to follow editing capabilites, all whilst aligning to the Virgin Active brand.


What We Delivered

A data driven, personalised web platform for members with a curated CRM experience that brought the brand to life. Resulting in increased club participation and retention to match.


Feed Agency

Dudley Wild Project Manager

Ben Harwood Creative Director

Will Rees Design Director

Jack Hadlum Senior Designer

Other Projects ↴ 

Other Projects ↴ 

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©Copyright 2021

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