Brand Pillars

As part of the recent rebrand, eBay wanted to showcase their new pillars across all global offices. We created a series of posters to be used internally that display all their core brand values, making use of the new colour palettes, photography direction and custom typeface - Market Sans.


Global CRM Template Development

eBay’s digital design system (DS6) needed implementing across all teams & agencies globally. At Feed we designed a modular system for eBay's CRM channel that would aid in reducing design & development time, resulting in quicker turnovers for campaigns.


Creative guidelines for Nectar & eBay's partnership

In 2019 Nectar rebranded, and with it there were questions around how Nectars creative would coexist on the eBay platform. We created some guidelines for Nectar to help it feel cohesive yet distinct from the rest of eBay's onsite marketing. 


Templating eBay's Hub Pages

As part of the rebrand eBay were looking to change the structure of their Hub pages, in the interim period we had to create a template for all main Hub pages across UK & German markets, that aligned to the new brand look & feel.

Helping small businesses grow with eBay Partner Network

Print collateral for prospective partners

eBay launched an initiative offering smaller businesses an opportunity to showcase themselves on eBay’s platform. 

This initiative was called eBay Partner Network, and I was tasked with designing print collateral which informed sellers about the benefits of being part of this network and how it could help them grow their business.



Feed Agency

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Elizabeth Bebbington Account Director

Joe Nixon Senior Designer

Tom Foster Senior Designer

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Other Projects ↴ 

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