The Challenge

The onus was on capturing what makes each and every property unique, creating an experience that was consistent, yet also championed the unique offerings of each neighbourhood. 

We curated colour palettes aligned to the photography from each hotel location, and illustrations were commissioned from local artists. This gave each hotel a sense of individuality, whilst retaining a cohesive and recognisable look and feel.

A Flexible Design System

In keeping with the muted aesthetics we created a design system that utilsed flexibile layout variations within each module. This made it easy to create slightly more bespoke combinations in the CMS.


Animations & Flourishes

The Hoxton wanted to emphasise the fun aspect of their brand, we implemented this in a few ways; by creating uploadable stickers that utilised The Hoxton's illustrations to highlight special features or offers, a Book button with eyes that follows the user around the page coupled with subtle transition animations between modules that makes the whole experience more engaging.



Feed Agency

Florence Obert Project Manager

Nathan Jackson UX Designer

Melissa Smith Designer (Support)

Junaid Ansar Motion Designer (Support)

Developer Team Build & QA


Chris Lewis Product Owner

Ellen Pickett Project Manager

Alex Prior Art Director

Matt Brand Designer

Other Projects ↴ 

Other Projects ↴ 

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©Copyright 2021

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